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comment by kingmudsy

    An Amazon spokesperson said the company takes worker safety seriously, has medical staff on-site, and encourages workers to report all injuries.

I'm mad about this.

You're going to say that the workers have every chance and resource to fix their problem because of course you are, expecting that no one will see the ways your expectations incentivizes behavior that this first-derivative level of action seems to counter. Amazon designs a system that breaks people, and then by putting a medical staff onsite claims that employees only get broken when they don't take care of themselves.

If you incentivize behavior, you are assuming it as policy. If your system encourages laborers to work at unsustainable rates, your system is designed to break people. Your policy is to break people. Just because the surface-level policy wants people to remain unbroken, the system of incentives will still use their bodies to lube the gears.

FFS. What corporate bullshit.