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comment by veen
veen  ·  202 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 22, 2020

Rocky week. Seemingly out of nowhere, my company has been taken over by a big (20x nationally, 200x internationally) consultancy firm. On paper it's a hostile takeover. It was decided entirely behind closed doors by our shareholders, and that did not land well - we value transparency, candour and working together with all things internal, and this is the direct opposite of that. Lots of coworkers specifically joined our company so to not work for one of the big consultancy firms in our field. Myself included.

I happened to figure it out earlier, so I had some more time to think about it (/go through all stages of grief). My conclusion is that I'll be fine ( - maybe even more than fine)? But a large part of what I like about my work is that it's filled with interesting, engaged people who hate corporate BS as much as I do. I worry about the rest, the team, what will happen when 10, 20% decides to leave after a year. The longer people have been around, the more negative their attitude towards this change. We've changed before - in my two years here we grew from 55 to nearly 90. But we have kept a common denominator alive, and I'm worried about that. Rubbing against Boring, Inc. will definitely change things one way or another, as much as they're emphasizing that they don't want to change much because we're doing so well already.

In other news, I had my final private lesson in electronic music creation yesterday, which was a good change of pace. My teacher had a room full of synths and modules and he showed me some of his beats and work process.

My girlfriend and I also booked our tickets for our Scotland trip. We're going there by ferry and back by train - I was adamant to not fly there. It's funny, the time it takes me with the Eurostar from London to Rotterdam is a good ten minutes longer than it used to take me to travel from one corner of the Netherlands to the other. Already looking forward to that trip! I'll be out of office for a good four weeks in total.