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comment by user-inactivated
user-inactivated  ·  153 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, Pubski! Have a Yule Tide Yak. I had a fun time trying to name animals that would make for great Christmas alliterations. Christmas Koala, Nudibranches of Noel, Festive Foxes, Jolly Jellyfishes, Winter Wrens. The yak won out, partly because it sounds cool, but also for some reason Christmas and farm animals seem to go really well together. A pretty close runner up would have been a Christmas Kookaburra, just because their calls really sound joyful.

The other day, I went for a walk on a trail I've wanted to explore for a while, but haven't because it's about two and a half miles long. I tend to take a real long time on trails, so something that length at my usual pace, would be about a six to eight hour walk. I ended up walking it faster though and finished it in about three hours, but it's such a great trail, when the weather gets better, I'm totally gonna pack some water and power bars and give it the time it deserves (my whole day). When I was walking it though, I was thinking about all of the cool things I was seeing on it that I really wanna share with Dala. We recently went on a guided tour of a trail from one of our local parks and while it was great, the things the guide focused on aren't usually what Dala and I look for in nature and man, this trail would be perfect for me to memorize and point out this, that, and the other to her. It's honestly one of the best I've been on this year. Don't think she'd be up for an eight hour walk though . . .

While I don't wanna dwell on an ugly thing I did, I just wanna say I genuinely, heartfully, appreciate the patience and understanding and kind words from everyone. I was pretty afraid I screwed up real bad, cause I did, and there wasn't any coming back from it. I'm so thankful that wasn't the case. You're all amazing and I'd support you all over anyone who'd say otherwise.

Call and text some of your family and friends today, Pubski. You don't need a special day to spread some cheer, but since it's the season . . . :)

thenewgreen  ·  153 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The Christmas Koala Bear. Winter wallaby. Christmas caterpillar. Wassail Walrus. Santa’s winter whale shark. Christmas Caribou

lil that last ones for you!

Merry Christmas to all!!