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comment by nil
nil  ·  216 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Uber’s new loan program could trap drivers in cycles of crushing debt

Speaking of that gents, I was at a career presentation today for physics undergrads. The speaker said he was able to successfully use his skills towards so many possibilities outside of physics... such as... ummm.. political action. By... creating models in... game theory and advocating to allow Uber to stay here. So yeah, that's the transferable fucking skills physics gives you. Destroying the lower middle-class. And you wonder why I'm suicidal all the time because the other kids think this shit is Jason Litty.

Why is everyone in this area so chickenshit? Why am I for that matter? It's like we all mentally checked out of this reality in 2013 when gay man God disappeared behind the curtain on our psychedelic trip. People around here don't even know how to speak or act like normal human beings anymore. Nobody calls bullshit. On anything. "I'm scared, having used my skills to manage a team of people as a 21-year old. 21-year old. 21-year old." IT'S NOT HARD. Well, I'm scared being a representative in front of these big wigs... uhhhh... CHRIST. Of course we're all failures, we define ourselves by "age" and are still processing reality through "how do I impress Dad." When does it end? When are you going to develop any self-confidence?

Society is an institutional prison run by age group. That's why you spend over 1/4 of your life with no rights at all. After which they let you control the high school kids! Whooopee, congratulations, you're at the next step. Just don't try to fuck them like Epstein.

So congrats, you're 22 now and have experience "managing people". Still nothing actually useful, but who cares. If you want money, you're gonna have to wait a while.

Fuck Uber, and fuck this g00fy shit Hubski. I can't say it, because that's not socially sanctioned, but holy shit. Anyone who pursues a degree in the physical sciences should immediately check "financial stability" off their fucking bucket list. I need to run a career fair. Here's your career kids. I manage a pizza joint for $15/hr + bonus with teenage girls and barely make rent. The temperature in this bullshit dropped to -5C on my first night because the heater broke.

If Special Relativity isn't enough to purge your mind of being an institutional goat I'm afraid nothing is. Next career fair I'll start recruiting for fucking Home Depot. That's what you're actually getting you morons. Not Big Financial Company and not NASA. The only reason I'm here is doing insane analytical bullshit gives my brain something to do so it doesn't turn on me in the final act. If I can get my name on ONE SHITTY condensed matter paper I'll die a happy man. I'm never going to feel as good ever again as I did as a kid, so who cares. Might as well have some fucking fun.

For everyone else, there's Mastercard.