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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  99 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-Fi club no. 41: Stranger Things

There's what the intelligentsia watches and there's what everyone else watches. Firefly failed not because not enough people were watching it but because it was the most expensive show Fox made that year and nobody was watching it. NBC-Universal was dragged over the coals for not having the courage to put Battlestar Galactica on NBC or even USA but instead hiding it on SyFy but NBC knew that at best, they'd get "mildly successful" on broadcast (Galactica did 3 million viewers on debut at a time when summer re-runs of NCIS were getting 12m).

Everyone I know is talking about Love Death and Robots but Fincher or no, nobody's watching it. And for a while there it was all about The OA but that's probably because they pushed it hard. From a media perspective, all this shit is so sub rosa that I didn't even know The OA was produced by a dude I've partied with until it was brought to my attention. Shit's to the point where even the marquee stuff goes unnoticed.

Meanwhile, The Price is Right and Jeopardy continue unabated. Hell's Kitchen is on like Season 24. CBS runs the holy trinity of Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor (and now they're trying out Love Island). Where is Netflix actually making their money? Great British Baking Show of which they've only run 2 (low-rent, low-talent, low-production-value) seasons.

19 million people tuned in to see what happened to Jon Snow. 105 million tuned in to see what happened to the 4077. Market be different.