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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Howdy, Hubski! What culinary crimes is your home infamous for?

My wife's family are from Minnesota/Wisconsin. I can't say that all of Minnesota/Wisconsin fears flavor, but I can say that there are vast strains of Minnesota/Wisconsin that fear flavor.

    But why do that when you've memorized the secret family ratio of Velvita and Rotel to make perfect queso.

I can also say that in any Mexican restaurant you care to name, you sit down and you are given chips and salsa. In the good ones you are given chips, pico de gallo and salsa. In the really good ones you are given hot, just-made chips, pico de gallo and salsa. In the serious New Mexican restaurants you are given hot, just-made chips, pico de gallo and two different kinds of salsa.

Every Mexican restaurant I've been to in Texas starts you off with "queso."

"Queso" is takfir. When you wish to offend your enemies back to their ancient dead, serve them "queso." "Queso", more than any other aspect of Tex-Mex cuisine, is the embodiment of effrontery.

I believe that Tex-Mex fans and Mexican fans could probably find common ground if it weren't for the fact that Tex-Mex holds at its heart something so essentially sacrilegious that it ends the conversation immediately and succinctly. If you choose to eat "queso" when there are so many better things to do with food, you are an infidel, an unbeliever, and may god have mercy on your soul.