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comment by kleinbl00

    When Ellis was in his twenties, he published three novels—“Less Than Zero,” “The Rules of Attraction,” and “American Psycho”—that are considered some of the most biting and lasting satires of Ronald Reagan’s America.

[citation needed]

    But their protagonists’ materialism, misogyny, and amorality, along with Ellis’s early Brat Pack persona, have persistently raised questions regarding the depth of his social critique.

Anyone who has ever read ten pages of Bret Easton Ellis knows that he is a gaping asshole and always has been. I read all three of those books - I mean, I was edgy in my 20s, sue me - looking for what all the hoopla was about. This interview is Isaac Chotiner trying desperately to figure out what the hoopla is about - why on earth does anyone care enough about Bret Easton Ellis to give him a platform?

    "Yeah, that’s a tweet. I don’t know. It’s whatever. It’s whatever you think it is and whatever she says she meant by it. It is her word against ours."

The man is walking whitespace. Always has been. For 30 years he's been walking around going here are horrible things that maybe aren't so horrible I don't know what do you think no actually i don't care i've moved on why don't you.