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comment by user-inactivated

    You can't completely redo a street when you're only removing one, two, three parking spaces here and there.

Yeah. That sounds horribly inefficient. The way I'd see something like this working well is if a city said " At the end of June, we're phasing out all of the parking spots on the block of Main between 12th and 13th Streets and the East side of the street will undergo preliminary preparation to have the bus stop expanded."

    It's interesting to me that the news around this is framed in terms of how it will negatively affect rich people and their cars, instead of focusing on the benefits to everyone using the improved public space.

If I had to guess, that's probably because we're still so far focused when it comes to city planning ski we're looking at how these changes effect that aspect. I agree with you though. If I had my way, I'd walk to work every day, rain or shine.