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comment by kleinbl00

Sure starting to smell like the NSA has found something interesting in Huawei gear.

goobster  ·  406 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Huawei has been a known security issue vector for at least 5 years. I worked at F5 Networks as a Competitive Analyst, and we would get competitors hardware into our secure lab, tear it down, test it, and figure out every detail of how they worked. These were network ADCs, firewalls, WAFs, etc., that could be $300k a piece.

The Huawei boxes had a LOT of weird stuff going on. As soon as you turned them on, they'd try to reach out to a variety of servers around the world, and transfer sensitive network config data to unknown services. They'd suck up network traffic, and output to multiple destinations... not just the intended recipient IP.

There were a number of completely opaque circuits that did who-knows-what to data. Unlabeled chips on the motherboard through which all traffic passed, seemingly unchanged.

The NSA and secure government agencies would not buy Huawei devices of any type, and would bar their contractors from doing so as well.

But the Huawei boxes were interesting when run in a secure lab environment. They'd quickly figure out that they were in a test environment and start acting differently. It seemed like it would switch into "basic ADC" mode, and just diligently pass traffic thru, and act all normal.

But as soon as you moved it into an active network, the box would start trying to talk to foreign servers again. Some of these connections were normal "phone home" events which any ADC does, to ensure it is being operated by a legal owner, and has the latest software updates, etc.

But 'phone homes' are pretty standard messages across the industry, and can generally be easily identified by adhering to a pattern. The Huawei boxes did these, of course... but much more.

There is a BIG security story that will come out about Huawei's electronics some day. I am absolutely confident of that.

In fact, that sweater may already be unraveling...

veen  ·  408 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    Huawei, the world's biggest network equipment maker ahead of Ericsson and Nokia, has said Beijing has no influence over its operations.

Riiiight. Isn't it more likely that Huawei is just a pawn in an intelligence race between the US and China?

sent from my Huawei phone

kleinbl00  ·  407 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Well, fundamentally the NSA is the tip of the spear for a large industrial espionage ring to the benefit of principally US manufacturers but secondarily US allies. Every single country currently dumping Huawei has had beef with the US over its spying and wiretapping in the past.

But at the end of the day, every single country currently dumping Huawei has treaties and trade and favored nation status with the US. I'm willing to bet this is a "devil you know" situation - "yeah we've been caught with our hands in your cookie jar numerous times over the year, buddy, but you and I both know it's largely worked out for both of us more or less. We might read your mail but you know we have your back. Can you say the same thing about China?"

...and that's probably why nobody's saying shit.

"Violated the trade embargo with Iran" - I mean, Toshiba provided gear for Soviet submarines. It made congress really mad (wonder if I can find the photo of little old Republicans smashing a boombox on the capitol steps) but Toshiba didn't even get embargoed, let alone have executives arrested.

kleinbl00  ·  405 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    I mean, Toshiba provided gear for Soviet submarines. It made congress really mad (wonder if I can find the photo of little old Republicans smashing a boombox on the capitol steps)

Fuck yeah

I do not know how this did not become a Beastie Boys album cover.