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comment by katakowsj

That sounds great. I’m an 8th grade math teacher and my 8 year old daughter and my 10 year old son and I have a lot of fun playing with math. Usually, we’ll talk about it in car, or at the table during meals.

From my 21 years teaching, I can say that playing and talking and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is the most valuable experience that any kid can have at home. You could go the ultimate and find out what topics are being examined at school and then explore and expand on them at home. Doing that, you’ll set your daughter in a very successful spot.

It’s what works in my house.

“Math is patterns and puzzles. Patterns and puzzles that we use to make things happen in the world. “ is my general theme. In my experience, kids that come in to school unafraid of numbers and can make mistakes and be cool with it, knowing that mistakes must happen to learn math, are the most successful and happiest math students I see.