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comment by WanderingEng

I donated money to a democratic candidate many years ago. I don't remember who. It was probably one of the presidential candidates in 2004.

I've gotten four text messages to remind me to vote, and I assume the missed call from a local (but not so local as to be spam) was the same. I'm going to vote, and I was going to vote even if they hadn't bugged me. In 2016 when I answered my home intercom and the person introduced themselves as being from the DNC I replied "yes I'm going to vote, yes I'm voting for Clinton, Feingold, and Pocan, yes I'm registered, yes I'm registered at my current polling location, yes I have a valid state ID with this address." "Oh. Ok." They'd bugged me so much I knew their routine. I also think they wanted me to buzz them in so they could knock on my neighbor's doors.

The people who aren't voting aren't the ones the party is calling. It's everybody else. I wish they'd stop bugging me.

kleinbl00  ·  104 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I canvassed for Kerry in 2004. We were instructed to hit a neighborhood that had clearly been hit far too many times already as a number of people would answer the door with "you people again?" followed by admonishment that they were now thinking of voting Republican just to spite us.

I think it's a lot easier to preach to the choir, so much so that we do it well past the point where they resent the sermon. My legislative district has a Facebook page... Run by the daughter of my state representative. And it's been so full of bile and hate that I'm really hoping she loses so I can say I voted for her opponent despite the cash from Monsanto... Simply because her posse be bitchez.