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comment by kleinbl00

And that was exactly the move AstraZeneca needed to make in order to meet their quarterlies and uphold shareholder value and preserve the dividends for each of the millions of their shares. I don't hate the player, I hate the game.

And that goes for Cletus. I'd love for him to not eat the fuckin' sugar. But I also know that even when he screws his face up as tight as he can to deny all the good we're trying to do for him and his lifestyle, I still benefit if he gets healthcare.

Okay, fukkit I'm badging it:

    We know that neighborhoods that have more evictions have higher violent crime rates the following year. You can understand why ā€” it rips apart the fabric of a community. We pay for that. The top 5 percent of hospital users consume 50 percent of the health care costs. Guess who those people are? They're the homeless and unstably housed. And so I think we can spend smart or we can spend stupid, and so I think addressing the affordable housing crisis is a win for families, for landlords and for the taxpayer.

This is a system we're talking about, and it has more components than sick people, drug companies, insurance companies and doctors. They all need to interoperate cleanly and smoothly or we're all fucked.

b_b  ·  774 days ago  ·  link  ·  

There are legit reasons for high prices on some medicines, and then there's shit like this: https://wapo.st/2qEj2QC

Every time these goddam pharma companies pull something like this, they wither the social contact just a bit more. I'm embarrassed to tell people I'm working on drugs at times for exactly this reason. The fucked up thing is that all the people I know in this industry genuinely want to make good medication that helps people. Wall Street is, let's say, unhelpful at times.

kleinbl00  ·  774 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Why yes. Yes I would support a federal price-gouging statute. Thanks for asking.