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comment by FirebrandRoaring

    It's interesting that you mention Nixon and Dubya but not Reagan or George H.

I'm a newbie in the American politics. Those are the only two names I know that people bash without any remorse. They also happened to be Republicans.

In your far more educated opinion, could anything change for the Republican Party with Trump? Could they fall apart from all smoke and fire?

kleinbl00  ·  231 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Reagan was a terrible human being. George H wasn't great but he wasn't awful. I think you'll find that most people on the Internet don't remember Reagan or George H because they were all born after 1990 so "Reagan" occupies the same mental space as "Teddy Roosevelt" and "Abraham Lincoln."

I think the Republican Party is going to look different after the 2018 midterms. On the one hand, they're experiencing some success by becoming the American Nazi Party. On the other hand, there may not be enough votes if they focus on the Trumpkins... and if they focus on the Trumpkins they're giving everyone else a great excuse to not vote Republican.

It's an open question.