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comment by Devac
Devac  ·  310 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 13, 2017

Brother update:

His vision in both eyes has returned, stereoscopic vision improves ever so slightly each day. His prognosis is very good and after the MRI last week it's now confirmed: the tumour is only about 40% of its original size. The operation is now only a matter of him recuperating enough from chemo for surgeon and anesthesiologist to deem it as safe. Might be as early as mid-November.

I want to thank you guys once more for all the support. Both in private and in public. Y'all rock.


In eighty-odd pages, I'll finish Durant's vol. 1. My GEB review is constantly going through rewrites so I don't want to put a deadline on that one.


I won the first round of the tournament. It's ranked and I'm nervous as all hell. I want to get the 1st category in a year or two so it's time to suck the anxiety up.

Institute stuff:

The professor still insists that I should go and do theoretical work. I talked with the guy a lot and it just feels wrong. It's like he thinks I'm going to suddenly realise this work is beneath me and regret the time I must have 'wasted' here. I can't make it clearer that I want to work here without something as dumb and shallow as "operating fuck-off lasers and spectrographs >> writing symbols on a greaseboard or paper ~= what I'm already doing in my spare time." Give me a firefighter's helmet on top of that and I'm basically living the dream.

WTF do I do when my adviser seems to have an impostor syndrome?