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comment by ghostoffuffle

Love those Dean Markley pickups. I'm surprised that you didn't run into more phase issues mixing the mic with the pickup that way- these guitars sound crystal clear. On a related note- the fact that "And Became Invisible" has 200 tracks and still sounds as focused and coherent as it does speaks volumes of your production chops. Gaddamn.

Never worked with Reaper- how's the learning curve? More importantly, is it affordable?

flac  ·  379 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Thanks, it was quite an ordeal.

I actually shifted the guitars to match eachother phase-wise after recording. There was a slight difference on time, but it wasn't too hard to fix.

Reaper is awesome, I can send you some good resources for working with it. It's also FREE (or $60 for the full version). I love it. I think it's a lot like pro tools, but its the only DAW I've used, so idk if thats true.