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comment by kleinbl00

I think what's new is the fact that "influencers" no longer go through any sort of vetting process and they no longer have any monetization/incentive structure that keeps them impartial. We're talking about reviewers, basically, and once upon a time you needed to have the ear of the King or a column in the broadsheet or a 4-minute segment on the local news or something but that is no longer the case and as such, you no longer have the largesse of the king or a per-word fee from the broadsheet or a dayrate from the local news so swag is effectively 100% of the motivation for doing your job and that's a change that's happened behind the scenes without the audience noticing.

Suave's advertising approach has long been "like the salon shit but cheap" so I think this was a natural fit for them but you're right - the reason they've always been the choice of uncaring cheapskates everywhere is you don't have to use much of it to determine it ain't great. I mean, I've got some Tresemme conditioner in my hair right now and it feels as if my hair is made out of depleted uranium the shit is so heavy. Suave? Ferget it.