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comment by elizabeth

So in conclusion, influencers are bullshitters? What else is new? Massive explosion of little fidget toys lately. I don't know who came up with that, but it's been spreading like a virus...

It's a really clever campaign actually - props to carrot for thinking of that! I think most people will hear the intended message that Suave is not such a crappy shampoo after all (until they buy and test it out). It's funny how they say in the interview they don't want to go for the premium market despite the fact this experiment has proven they could sell their shampoo at premium prices. Yeah right - more like you know your shampoo won't make it cause it's shitty.

kleinbl00  ·  400 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I think what's new is the fact that "influencers" no longer go through any sort of vetting process and they no longer have any monetization/incentive structure that keeps them impartial. We're talking about reviewers, basically, and once upon a time you needed to have the ear of the King or a column in the broadsheet or a 4-minute segment on the local news or something but that is no longer the case and as such, you no longer have the largesse of the king or a per-word fee from the broadsheet or a dayrate from the local news so swag is effectively 100% of the motivation for doing your job and that's a change that's happened behind the scenes without the audience noticing.

Suave's advertising approach has long been "like the salon shit but cheap" so I think this was a natural fit for them but you're right - the reason they've always been the choice of uncaring cheapskates everywhere is you don't have to use much of it to determine it ain't great. I mean, I've got some Tresemme conditioner in my hair right now and it feels as if my hair is made out of depleted uranium the shit is so heavy. Suave? Ferget it.