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comment by veen

Remember this post?

That Lidar selfie was at the Here booth, and it was the same week they announced their goal to go all-in on mapping. Nvidia is mostly in it for the GPU powers, I don't think they're great at being Googley.

My guess is that you're either referring to this post, which sparked my obsession with the topic... this Wired post which tells the same but with better visuals, to this video from 14 minutes on or to one of my own blog posts.

kleinbl00  ·  431 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Any of the above will do, thanks.

I suspect NVidia, like everyone else, is pulling an Apple maps, in that they think it would be a good idea to get into this market and then discover that the only way to do it is to put in the work and Google has been doing it for ten years and ten years from now when they will have caught up to Google, Google will be 10 years ahead.

It's about the network, not the technology, and Google is mostly working on an approach that relies on their network. You can do it the other way but then your Tesla slams into a semi.