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comment by baitedcrow
baitedcrow  ·  1809 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Programmers out there have a question for you.?

A pretty normal amount, honestly. 5-7 hours a night unless I'm having unrelated issues and I usually get to work around 7 AM. Occasionally things kick up when there's a project or production deadline approaching and I have to work overtime, and I have to be willing to pull what overtime is necessary if it gets that bad, especially if work hasn't gone as smoothly as planned, but I don't live life fueled by Red Bull and pixie stix most of the time... it's mainly pretty reasonable and regular. I could probably be a more dedicated worker but I don't get many complaints either. I work for an outsourcing company and they'd push me to the brink to get the most out of me if they had to, lol, but the company I'm contracted out to is big on emphasizing work-life balance and my immediate supervisors are great people. I just took short-notice PTO this week to take my dog to herding lessons, of all things (granted, it was a really good lesson).