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comment by kleinbl00

Well, shit - when I'm just readin' readin' I'm hella faster than that. Audible tells me that Stephen King's It is 44 hours long for 1100 pages. I read It in three days in 6th grade. But readin' readin' is something I rarely have the time for. Audiobooks? walk the kid to the park, suck down an hour and a half. Ride the bike to Torrance, suck down an hour and a half. Adjust the valve lash on an Italian superbike, suck down four fucking novels.

Unexpected benefit of switching to Android: the fast voice on Audible is better. iOS shreds at 2x and sounds like a robot auctioneer. 1.5x is all you can do. Android at 2x sounds better than iOS at 1x and 3x is terrible but intelligible.