Early 1980s : Dad bought the house

1988 : Mom and Dad got married and Mom moved in

1990 : I was born

1992 : Little sister was born

2002 : Back room was built on. It's a bedroom - the biggest room in the house

2011 : Mom passed away somewhat unexpectedly. They were still married, we all lived at home and my boyfriend was here for the last couple months too

2011 Summer : Boyfriend replaced the roof. $3k in materials I believe? And about three weekends, five or six days in total. I did a little bit to help him, just moved shingles around once they were up there...

2012 : Dad bought a new house five miles away and remarried. My sister moved with him. My boyfriend and I kept the house, we are buying it

~ The Renovation ~

My boyfriend did all but 30 minutes worth of work by himself. We both loved the color instantly. It took him about six weeks if I remember correctly. He was in school and helping someone else with a construction project at the same time. He wouldn't let me help him at all. (I was working overnights and had to be asleep at that time anyway). It was $5k in materials. We renovated the inside about 75% this winter as well but I am not posting photos until we are completely done. I think we just spent about $1800 in materials for that. We need about $600 so it has to wait a little bit but it looks and feels soo much better already.

I don't know what else you might want to know!


Wow you've done an amazing job! I love it.

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