“Good law follows reality rather than precedes it,” he wrote. “Fifty years from now when poly households are commonplace and their issues are well understood, I’m sure an appropriate body of law will have grown up to handle the issues that arise. At least that’s how it works when civil society is allowed to go about its business, free of religious or ideological compulsion.”


    “If you have ten men and ten women, and nine of those men are jerks,” Mark told me, “what antipolygamy does is it removes these women’s choice of the good man and forces them to settle for the nine jerks, and actually, the message of that to the jerks is, ‘Hey, guess what, the law forces the women to settle for you.’ But if you remove marriage control and allow women a choice to have laissez-faire free-market marriage economics… then women will choose the better man, and the message to jerks is, ‘Hey, we better grow up and become better men.’”

Isn't a woman 'settling' more if she is with a man who is married to others? He speaks as if women are commodities to be traded between men, and the reward for being a better man is a woman. Woman are not rewards, they are people. And of course he describes himself as being very happily married, he's in charge. I'd be interested to learn more about his wives' perspectives. With this Mark guy's mentality, it's almost like interviewing a tyrant on the feelings of the people he rules over. I don't know, maybe I'm looking to far into this.

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