Well thankfully it wasn't a stroke or aneurysm. The CT scan came back clear, so the Doctors and Neurologists are officially diagnosing it as a Thunderclap Migraine.

Then I had two more, two days later.

It's been 6 days since the first one that panicked the shit out of me, and sent me home crying from work. I'm going to the neurologist again tomorrow for a follow up, possible spinal adjustment, and possible MRI.

But for now, I just keep pretending everything is fine, and going about my business...

In other news,

- I went to an outstanding punk show, Stiff Little Fingers

- I went to the 10th anniversary party for my old circus pal's dinner theater, Cafe Nordo

- This morning I went to the dentist for a cleaning

- Tonight I am hosting a Rugby 101 workshop for Seattle rugby fans

- I've finally reached a level in Fallout 76 where I am not constantly dying, and can actually enjoy just exploring this open world and building cool shit. (It's been a year, now.)

- Planning a trip to Europe with my brother and his wife for next March. Iceland, Ireland, and Scotland... in March. It'll be... well... wet and cold. But traveling with them and experiencing it together is going to be FANTASTIC!!

posted 233 days ago