I wanted something comforting. Like an old comfy coat, that you pull out of the back of the closet just as fall first starts to hit, and you need another layer, but don't want to get out the "technical fiber" jackets that will be necessary for the winter rain, snow, and cold.

So I put Black Sabbath in. Their first (self-titled) album.

The rainstorm begins... rain is falling... thunder crackles across the sky... and then THAT CHORD hits...

BAM! Emaj

Thirty-eight minutes and twelve seconds later, I have been on a gooddamn journey!

The music is simple. Loud. Heavy. Even if you don't like Black Sabbath or metal or guitars, you hear a couple of notes from this album, and you know what it is, and who it is.

For me, I grew up listening to this. I know every breath. Every beat. Every wrong note. This album is a part of my DNA.


That was about 5 days ago. The album has not come out of the CD player yet. Every time I get in the car, it starts up where I left it when I turned the car off.

It's not the Perfect Album. But it's the perfect album for me.

posted 247 days ago