I see the nice big dollar sign on the upper menu (and the word "donate" on the lower menu).

But I don't have any cryptocurrency.

What do I do?


Hubski owes you too, lil! Let's call it even?

If you insist, you can try the Brave browser with our referral link: https://brave.com/hub874

That will give us some.

We had an issue with Stripe's API, and I decided to finally drop it instead of fixing it. Stripe makes 2.9% + $0.30 on all transactions. That's crazy. It doesn't make any difference if you send $1 or $100, but they charge you $0.33 or $3.20 depending. That needs to change.

However, what really needs to change, is the funding model for content on the internet. IMHO the need for impressions is part of why most everything on the web is garbage, and it's definitely why our browsers are selling us out by letting advertisers and others track our activity. At the moment, Brave blocks 36 cross-site trackers on cnn.com. That's 36 unique efforts to report where I am going thereafter. That's creepy and aggressive.

Anyway, we can survive the gap between internet funding as it is, and internet funding as it should be. Due to its digital nature, crypto seems to be the best shot we have at it, and Brave seems to be a solid early effort. I want to play a role in the transition.

As you know, I'm not in it for the $. :)

I would like to add some transparency to donations though. It'd be great if you could tell how much we've brought in. I'll do that.

posted 249 days ago