I thought I might as well put up a thread 'cause I keep saying I'll do more sci-fi club. We might as well hit something most people probably already know.

I'm actually gonna have to duck and cover for this one though, because I haven't actually finished S3 yet.

So yeah, if you're part of the Stranger Things craze go ahead and talk about it, and (ideally) spoiler tag what season you're talking about.

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Before everyone else piles-in, I wanted to remark on the cultural 80'sification that Stranger Things has marked. There was a point where I hated everything 80's--music, style, etc. I'm pretty much entirely flipped on that now. It didn't entirely start with ST though. For me, before that it was watching Twin Peaks for the first time, vaporwave, unomoralez's tumblr, early X-Files episodes (though that was more 90's), an obsession with synths, and so on. I suppose the 80's revival was always inevitable, but it seems like a thing that should be included in an ST discussion.

posted 100 days ago