Nicotine gum tastes terrible, and doesn't really work to abate the cravings. I'm tempted to just drop the gum and go cold-turkey; wouldn't be so bad now that I've weaned myself down to expect lower amounts of nicotine. Statistically, I know I'm better off if I stick with it...So I'm just going to cover up the nicotine polacrilex with coffee and deal with it.

How do you motivate yourself to do something difficult, or something you don't really want to do?


A podcast that resonated with me by Gretchen Rubin pretend there are 4 type of people concerning getting motivated.

-High achiever: like goobster, kleinbloo, nil (according to their comment). They find motivation within themselves to do what they intend to

- Cerebral: like thenewgreen, need to think of all the good things (and bad) and that keep them on track

- Socialite : (like yourself, I guess) Need to have other people account to their effort, and to push them forward

- Rebel :( like me, according to that comment ) just do thing out of spite, even against themself. I stopped smoking, because everyone , and myself, said it was hard. I needed to prove them (and I ) wrong

My advice, get cold turkey. 48h without nicotine. Tell your family and friend about that, get someone to stop with you. Drink a lot of water for 48h. Disrupt your usual pattern associated with smoking (mine was sugared-coffee, so I drank coffee without sugar and it was enough to stop the association )

Good luck, I have trust in you. And you'll feel so much better after, I promise

posted 197 days ago