In honor of the efforts of kingmudsy to generate more content on Hubski than links, I ask the following question:

Who are you, Hubski?

Not "what do you do?"

Not "how do you make money?"

Get expansive. Get deep. Give us something to chew on.

(I'll wait to post my response, to give others a chance to set the tone of this post.)


Is this the place where I can show off? great that's my favorite activity and I cant sleep tonight.

  I'm the man who only realized last year, that I change all the time. 

Borges, my favorite author, point the cleverness of that Heraclitus quote:“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

Borges argue that the picture of an all flowing river in the sentence, help us accept the second part of the argument: We change too.

It isn't so easy. Because we still think it's just a morphological change (we aged). Not a mental one.

I still hate myself for being a dick to a girl who liked me when I was 15. Or still being hurt by my crush who was mean to me when I was 16.

We all have those embarrassing memories. But realizing we are not the same person than 20 year ago, help let go of them.

I have not the exact same set of value from 2 years ago. And I probably changed from last month too.


So to be laconic: I'm your ordinary clever boy.

And I'll hate that comment when I reread it next year, or in 5 sec. Because I will be slightly different

posted 104 days ago