There've been a lot of requests for more informal and personal content, so this is Installment I of my diabolical plan to get us to talk to each other more than once per week!

This question is easy, breezy, beautiful (Covergirl). Recently, I've been giving my sister shit for eating an orange in the shower every morning. What's something you do while you're still waking up that's weird, unique, or tough to explain?

I'm going to leave my answer to this post as a comment, because pretty much everyone who knows my morning routine thinks I'm a fucking psychopath and I want to create room for reactions of horror, shame, violence, etc.


So, I shower poorly. I'm not exaggerating: I spend probably 45 minutes - 1 hour in the shower every morning. I also turn the lights off when I shower...And sometimes I sit down. In the shower.

If I need to get to work at 8:00 and my commute is 15 minutes, I'll wake up at 6:00 just so I have time for this process. If you were to share a house with me, you'd probably think that someone accidentally left the shower on overnight because none of the lights are on and it's been running for like thirty minutes - Nah, just me. Sitting, thinking, drinking coffee!

First, I can't help it - Literally the act of stepping into a shower relaxes me so much that I completely forget any hurry I was in and will end up zoning out for probably 15 minutes.

Second, this is terrible for my skin!

Third, it's turned into a daily meditative time for me, which is really the one upside to this whole practice! I feel like I'm constantly being told to practice mindfulness, but my weird ablutions pretty much guarantee that I've got at least 30 good minutes of unguided, uninterrupted thought before I get started on any given day.

I should probably just move to a Scandinavian country and invest in a sauna. At least then it'd be socially acceptable!

(P.S. I obviously don't pay utilities, and I'm pretty sure my last landlord hated me for my water bill)

posted 293 days ago