Hi everyone! Remember that thread lil posted 6 months ago while I was deep into a hiatus?

Let's do that again!

After thinking about the State of The Hubwheel all morning (shoutout to flagamuffin), I crept through some profiles I haven't seen around in awhile - the gallery on lil's profile is a pretty great glossary for that.

I want to know who's around! Who's active? Who's lurking? Who's new and who's not?

I'd like to use the same format as lil's post from 6 months ago, with an additional question:

What change would you like to see from the users of Hubski?

I'll start!


kingmudsy, or just "mud"


Midwestia, USA



Current Preoccupation:

Getting my adult life in order! I need to get a new lease, new furniture, open all sorts of accounts (savings, retirement, rainy day, oh my!), and 500,000 other things. I posted about most of this in Pubski, but it's a battle between Being Stressed and Tired (tm) and Needing To Work During The Evenings (c)

Previous Preoccupations:

Graduating college, overcoming all sorts of mental blockages, and the stressful saga of how I found my current job!

What change would you like to see from the users of Hubski?

Overall, I wish the site was more active! I check a few times a day (probably more often than I should), and it'd be nice if there were more updates. There's been a pretty lengthy conversation about it over here, if you're more interested in my thoughts.



ThurberMingus - taken from a highway sign.


DFW Texas


Late 20s


Some small coding projects, work has been pretty interesting recently, and the summer has been good.

Still lurking here. I've aways been pretty quiet on here though.


Honestly not sure. Doesn't make much sense to tell everyone to post more or differently when l participate so rarely myself.

I don't have a reason for not posting or commenting. Sometimes I don't think it's worth the trouble of explaining whatever I'm interested in, mostly it's just my nature.

posted by kingmudsy: 16 days ago