Apparently between me going to work and me coming home he decided to jump off my bridge. The one that, while they were rebuilding it, had a homeless guy who would either offer me pizza or chase me with a pool cue depending on where his crazy was that day.

Fuckin' LA.


Looks like I missed him by four or five hours. It seems like he was a pretty decent guy, other than that whole "runs faster than anyone in his age group ever has" thing.

    It wasn’t until around 2009 — in his 60s — that he transitioned from running 10Ks to entering marathons. Records show that he took about 3½ hours to finish at first, then began to improve markedly around 2014.

I don't know if this would have hit me as hard as it is if I didn't recognize the guy. I've seen him running before. There are certain locals I know; there's a couple old ladies wearing sanitary masks, there's an extremely... compact wizened old lady who might be Quechua, and there's a homeless dude who rides a bicycle with about 27 mirrors on it. At least, I think he's homeless. His bike ain't half as shiny as it was two years ago but we wave at each other nonetheless. He wasn't someone I said hello to but I saw him more than a couple times.

I don't know that he put that bag there. I know that it hasn't been there long, and I know it's at the overlook on that bridge that I would jump off of if I were in a bridge-jumping mood. The other two are too low, and there isn't nearly as nice a view.

I wanna go light a candle or something but I'm not Catholic and I didn't know him.

posted 159 days ago