Bunnie Huang is way smarter than me, and probably smarter than most people. And he knows electronics, software, and supply chains.

President Bumblefuck's fancy little trade war with Huawei/China is already shuttering US businesses, because they can't get the parts they need, and they are laying off workers.

But an unintended consequence of legislation via Executive Order, rather than through, you know, legislators, is that it could inadvertently outlaw ALL Open Source software.

In the end, it won't, of course. Something shiny will distract Bumblefuck, and he'll forget about his Huawei fascination, and disaster will be averted.

But the important thing about Bunnie's article is the analysis of the technology supply chain - both software and hardware - that could be impacted from these types of executive fiat stunts.


Trade war with Huawei = Loongson rolling in money and sweet cheap MIPS boxen for everyone when sanity prevails again.

posted 203 days ago