A fairly long comic by Nate Powell, about iconography as a "shield against shame and trauma" and how symbols of power are being co-opted by current and future fascist paramilitary groups. My least favorite thing about the piece is the fact that it contains no recommendations on how to counteract the appropriation or subversion of pop culture symbols, but I don't have any answers for that either.

I haven't heard or seen much about the paramilitary groups in Idaho who've been sheltering the runaway Republicans from Oregon, but if I had to guess what their aesthetic and iconography look like it would be similar to the above comic. My gut (and every trend from the past few years) says that there's gonna be more of this, not less.


    “the windows of army surplus stores constituted hymns to male powerlessness.”

- William Gibson, Spook Country, 2007

It's going to get worse before it gets better.

posted 206 days ago