So much wrong with this.

1) Not a single photo is in focus.

2) Not a single photo is orthogonal to the horizon.

3) The realtor's email address is at

4) Parquet floors.

Yeah it's $3.6m for 1500sqft, yeah it's in Trump Tower and yeah it used to belong to Paul Manafort but fuckin' hell faux bamboo and marble? I guess it answers the question "where does a man who wears an ostrich leather jacket live?"


It's like the photographer was packing up their things, lighting a cigarette, and calling their spouse when someone asked if they'd remembered to take a picture of the bathroom. This is the shittiest picture in the bunch, imo - the other ones at least give you SOME idea of the room's scale.

"Ah fuck it, why shouldn't a towel bar be the focal point?!" - Some guy probably

posted by kleinbl00: 146 days ago