My pile of unread books has almost vanished and I'm waitlisted for a couple at the library, so please share what you've all been reading lately.


Oof, I've not been reading a lot lately. Most compelling read was David Wallace-Well's The Uninhabitable Earth, which you should not read if you're the kind of person who gets depressed easily by gazing into the abyss. I'm trying to not let it gaze into me.

I am also positively surprised by David Epstein's Range. goobster, this is that book that the Atlantic article from recently was taken from. Epstein argues that our view of linear (hyper-)specialization in careers and in life is wrong. The book is a bit all over the place and isn't always succesful in mimicking Dan Ariely's writing style, but in general I like it. It is a book that really resonates with what's been on my mind lately, that's for sure. blackbootz I think you too might find this very useful to read sometime this year, if only because he has good things to say about Econ majors.

posted 220 days ago