Back when hubski was first born, the Internet was cool(er)

It was a newer tool. People were making use of it in new and innovative ways. Now? Now, it’s old hat.

I’m a musician and I love to buy new instruments and learn how to make sounds with them. More often than not, I’m buying an established instrument like a ukulele or a percussion instrument to experiment with.

At first, I will play it with reckless abandon. No form. No discipline. No sense of the countless people before me that have played it. No idea of “how” I should play. Just pure unadulterated “play.”

That’s the way the internet USED to be. All of us were just making it up as it came.

I feel like that’s gone now.

Am I wrong?

Prove me wrong.


I think by percentage you may be right but by total amount of content you're wrong.

In my lifetime the internet has slowly transitionedfrom a place where only weird people and outcasts hung out to a place where everyone is, and you're a weird luddite if you aren't on the internet. Naturally, there's more content that caters to the normies than there is that caters to the weirdos because there are more normies than weirdos. So you get a lot more traffic to walled gardens like facebook, youtube, and reddit than you do to websites that are doing something interesting and outlandish.

But people still do weird things with the internet (Homestuck, PokemonGo, and VRChat all come to mind in the time since Hubski started). News websites still try to experiment with ways to make interesting content. Meme culture is alive and well. And ultimately, now that everyone's on the internet, that means all the creative people are now on the internet, so there's tremendous potential for new content and loads of it being created - you just probably won't find it on Facebook.

posted by thenewgreen: 19 days ago