lil and blackbootz and mivasairski in Baltimore. Artifact coffee if any of you’re in Hampden :)

steve we wish you were here! Your biggest fans assembled. kleinbl00 we bent an elbow and raised a mug in your honor veen bootz did not know how close lil and you were!

Word of the day: concatenation.

Question of the day: What do you get from an in-person meetup that you don’t get online?

Between us, lil and I have been to at least fifteen different meetups and met some larger number of hubskiers. Here are a couple of answers.

bootz: I get rapid fire answers to my questions, and don’t have to wait for them to log back in.

lil: real-time giggles.

bootz and lil: the concatenation of persons and place—place, importantly, not being our living rooms or by the computer. There is some new, third thing when you’re at a place that you don’t get online. Plus the intentionality of negotiating a location. It implies a higher level of commitment than merely circle-dotting.


I love mivasairski’s shirt. Glad to see you three together. Onward!

posted 433 days ago