One week from now I’ll be flying somewhere over Greenland on my way to Seattle! I’m stoked. Gonna be fun.

I’m hoping I can make some progress on my paper writing while in the air. I had a talk yesterday with a professor I know about whether a part time PhD, building off of my paper, could be something for me. He asked me to write down what I think I need to make a PhD worth it. It’s mostly about agency for me, which is good because part timers don’t have to deal with anyone’s crap but do have access to all the resources that a top notch university has available. Which is alluring, for sure. But I also feel like I need to figure out what my personal mission or goal is, at least for the coming years. I feel like I need a solid answer to the question “what do I really want to do” in order to decide whether to pursue a position or not.

posted 413 days ago