A new hacker-developed drone can lift your smartphone’s private data from your GPS location to mobile applications’ usernames and passwords — without you ever knowing. The drone’s power lies with a new software, Snoopy, which can turn a benign video-capturing drone into a nefarious data thief.

    Snoopy intercepts Wi-Fi signals when mobile devices try to find a network connection. London researchers have been testing the drone and plan to debut it at the Black Hat Asia cybersecurity conference in Singapore next week. Snoopy-equipped drones can aid in identity theft and pose a security threat to mobile device users.

    Despite its capabilities, the drone software project was built to raise awareness and show consumers how vulnerable their data is to theft, Glenn Wilkinson, a Sensepost security researcher and Snoopy’s co-creator, told CNN Money.

Good reminder to keep your Wifi and Bluetooth turned off when not planning to connect to a network.

posted 458 days ago