We didn't have one in a while. What podcasts do you listen or listened and feel like recommending?

My list:

University of Oxford Podcast catalogue - Huge selection, seems like there's something on everything.

Fear the Boot - RPG and related topics. About an equal mix of side-tracked rambling and topical discussion, both are entertaining.

Exposing PseudoAstronomy - debunking crackpots and their theories in an informative, often in-depth if slightly technical, way.

The Arcology - All things Shadowrun.

Hardcore History - Can get rambly, but it's OK in the edutainment department.

Wolf 359 - Sci-fi audio drama. It's finished and doesn't really qualify as a podcast, but I felt like sharing.

Role Playing Public Radio - Another RPG podcast. I probably need a life, but if I had one I wouldn't be listening to so many podcasts.

There are also a few Polish ones, but IIRC no-one else speaks/learns it so sharing would be pointless.




It’s been wayyyy too long since we have made any of these.

posted by Devac: 170 days ago