I will make a longer post, probably. But it's bad. Like really bad? And if makes me crazy? I'll give the one thing. This is a big spoiler.

This is a time travel movie. When they start talking about time travel, War Machine says they should kill baby Thanos. Hulk reacts like he's just suggested that they club a dog to death, not a man who killed trillions of people.

At the end of the movie Iron Man gets the gauntlet, and snaps both Thanos and his entire army, presumably everywhere? Out of existence. Just kills them, entirely.

Nobody ever talks. Nobody confronts the core problem with Thanos' plan. Nobody tries any sort of clever solution. Just nope. Murder everyone. Unless it's a baby. A million dead? Well that's war. But a baby? That's evil.

I hate these fucking movies.


Does anyone know if there is a way to view the redacted portion on mobile?

posted 467 days ago