I placed third All-Around at Nationals!! Just got back from Daytona, Florida for an intercollegiate gymnastics association's nationals tournament. There were a hundred other men in my division. I got third on high bar, too!

Other developments: My plan is to take a coding bootcamp in the fall--Lambda School, you may have heard of it since they're blowing up right now. That leaves this summer to build up a runway of some cashola. And I just got a job as a gymnastics coach! They're extremely excited for me to work this summer with their recreation programs and competitive teams. Additionally.. I'll get to practice with the competitive boy's team, for free, up to 16 hours a week. I cannot overstate how excited I am. I'll be training with the best gymnasts in the region, with my old coach, at a top facility. I'm starry-eyed. I'll basically be living in the gym this summer.

Now just have to graduate college in five weeks.

posted 282 days ago