As an 8th grade math teacher currently wrapping up grading for marking period three, I wondered what fellow Hubskiers felt about “No Zero Policies” in k-12 grading. My school district’s current expectation is that all assessment scores (tests & quizzes) bottom out at 50%.

To me, the whole idea of students earning 50% without demonstrating at least 50% mastery is undercutting their confidence in their ability. To me, the action of giving 50% credit, even if a student never turns in anything tells them they cannot do half of this stuff without my help even.

Assessments drive instruction. Having given you 50% for nothing masks half of any difficulties you are having with the content. Why would I want to start teaching you with only half of the story?

50% for zeroes is a misguided and harmful strategy.

Your thoughts, Hubski?


    NM stands for non-mastery. AB for absent. NHI for not handed in regarding homework assignments. DNA for did not attempt,” Araujo wrote on Facebook. “These allow me to communicate to students and parents better to distinguish where the student needs help.”

This seems pretty enlightened.

I always thought you should be able to take your grade on the final in lieu of your grade in the class.

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