I haven't really been listening to music lately because of depression related anhedonia. When I do it's because I'm sick of NPR and can't conveniently switch my phone to a book or podcast so I listen to the radio. This is probably true for every major city but Atlanta radio is shit. I have like 4 Top 40 stations in my presets cause that's a large part of my available options. There's a song called "Happier" by Marshmellow and Bastille that's in heavy rotation, even on the alternative station because genres are becoming meaningless. So I kinda like the song but I also kinda hate it because my first exposure to it was a video they made for it and why I'm not sharing it. Look it up yourself if you want but I'm about to warn you. The video begins with a little girl getting a dog. Which has nothing to do with the content of the song and eventually even contrasts with the content of the song which is "I suck so I have to break up with you so you'll be happier" because over he course of the video the girl grows up, with her dog alongside the whole time, until the end when she's a young adult AND THE FUCKING DOG GETS PUT TO SLEEP. What kind of fucking idiot came up with this video? I'm having a moment just thinking about this dumbass video.

posted by bfv: 186 days ago