I've started passively looking for a new job. I've done this before, and it came to nothing. Last week was the culmination of a big project, months of work. It went beautifully. Customers that are notoriously hard to please expressed how well things went. The result internally? One mass email saying thanks. I know it's just the job I'm paid to do, but it feels like we could have done more. Literally two thirds of the group was directly involved. I see other groups do bigger celebrations for less.

To top that off, someone sent a related timeline of one part of that project and credited someone else rather than me for what was the hardest study I ever did and probably the most complex study we've ever done in-house. If anyone else noticed, they didn't say anything. I didn't have the heart to correct it to take credit for something nobody else apparently cares about enough to remember.

It feels like nobody cares. It makes me want to not be here.

There's a job in Holyoke, MA I'm qualified for. That's 3.5 hours to the Adirondack High Peaks and 4.5 hours to the White Mountains. There's another in Rensselaer, NY I could maybe get hired for. I wouldn't say I'm a slam dunk, but the differences could probably be explained in an interview.

I ran my fastest half marathon in Saturday beating my old time by over five minutes.

posted by pubski: 11 days ago