As hubskregulars know, I'm 50 now, and have had quite a weird and wide-ranging career.

Today, I am a well-paid writer for a tech company, with an AA degree in Fashion Design that I got on a lark about a decade ago.

Looking ahead at the next 10 years of employability (or so), I will face ever-increasing pressure from younger workers who will work for less, and have more accreditation than I have. My capacity for learning will naturally diminish with age, as well. Competition for my job (and salary) will only become more fierce, and I need to take some defensive measures to protect my perceived value.

To do some preemptive fortification of my resume, I have been considering doing some sort of online certification(s) or higher education.

Simple things like a PMP certification will be a drop in the bucket. Many people get them to establish their bonafides as Project Managers. This is probably something I should definitely get. So I'd like to get recommendations... anyone PMP certified? Know a good program? (I would prefer online self-paced work, so I can finish it as quickly as possible.)

What other degrees, certifications, or accreditations are good someone in the late stage of their career, looking forward into the 2020s?

(Anyone who says MBA will be blocked and mocked mercilessly.)


    (Anyone who says MBA will be blocked and mocked mercilessly.)

I know the son of my parents friends always was kind of a loser (according to what I was told anyway). Never finished university, always borrowing money from parents and gasp smoked weed. He created a company at some point, that was basically living off government subsidies, but it worked okay until the government funds dried out and their employees were caught doing shady shit to make more money.

So he got an MBA at an expensive university in Toronto. And now he moved to LA and has an awesome 6 figure job at a tech company.

This is the only MBA related story I know, told through my judgemental parents lens. I mean, I know the guy and met him multiple times. He's really nice :) But this whole story has put some doubts in my mind about what an MBA is actually for.

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