Going to DC for a family weekend tomorrow. However, my wife started the flu or something similar yesterday. We had relatively cheap tickets to see Hamilton last night, but had to give them away. :/ Here's hoping.

Forever Labs has been keeping me plenty busy. We've finally resolved that a consumer banking service doesn't benefit from spending time and money on peripherally-related R&D. We've been told so since Y Combinator, but always resisted it. Our YC partner called our plan a houseboat: a shitty house and a shitty boat. As a result, we are spinning out an R&D company, and FL is going to have a stake in it. I'm going to be heading up that company. I'll still be CSO for Forever Labs, and my goal is to use the cells that I've banked. That's why this whole thing started. It's just that until Forever Labs is a household name, we aren't spending FL resources wisely working towards something else. We have a saying that "YC is always right." I can't tell you how many times they have been. I guess when you launch a few hundred companies each year, you start to pick up on things.

posted 254 days ago