My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I'm doing OK on money for the first time in a while so I bought a couple books for myself. Most pictured I bought last year. I'm terrible about buying books and not reading them.

I'm reading the history of communism (with an old credit card as a bookmark) but I'm most excited about White Flight. I started to read it in the fall but I took it back to the library because it was going slowly and the due date kept interfering. The author Kevin Kruse is great at Twitter and I recommend people follow him. He has a beef with Dinesh D'Souza and uses Twitter to explain American history to him 280 characters at a time. He also made a list of like 150 historians saying D'Souza is wrong about American history. He's randomly funnier than a lot of comedians on Twitter too

Any way, whatcha been reading or planning to read?


I have read four of your six books.

posted by tacocat: 216 days ago