It's a compilation of animated shorts, with some combination of the things in the title as a theme. Wikipedia says it was produced by, among others, David Fincher and Tim Miller (guy who directed Deadpool), and each episode was animated by a different studio. Also some big sci-fi names among the writers, including Peter F. Hamilton, John Scalzi, Alastair Reynolds, and Ken Liu (the guy who translated The Three-Body Problem in addition to writing his own stuff). The voice cast is also pretty legit, including some of the better-known American voice actors as well as some more traditional actors too.

I've only seen the first three episodes, and while the third was the weakest it was still good. The first two far exceeded my expectations, especially given that it's Netflix.

Apparently this grew out of Fincher and Miller's project to reboot Heavy Metal, and I think "modern take on Heavy Metal" is a pretty good description from what I've seen.

If anyone else watches it, let's save the spoilers for a different thread.


    Ken Liu (the guy who translated The Three-Body Problem

The World in Words podcast has an episode on Chinese Sc-Fi featuring Ken Liu which is pretty interesting.

I really like the idea of different people interpreting the same ideas in this way - reminds me of Lazarus: X + 66 where each of the six issues were drawn by different people.

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