These are, I think, the final form of a very fun concept I've come back to and reworked a few times since I first drafted these images sometime in May 2018.

These are the people of the post-holocene, and they see us as objects.

You might think you use your phone, but have you ever considered if your phone uses you?

I hope you enjoy this surreal and dystopian glance at hardheads -- people of the post-holocene who hide among us, already, while they grow their numbers.

Next time you see your neighbor, your kid's math teacher, the clerk at the convenience store, stop for a minute.

Take an actual look at who - or what - stands before you. You won't be certain if it's a person unless you put away your screen, and really look into their eyes and face.

If it's a hardhead in disguise, trust me -- within about 30 seconds, you will know.

I'm deliberately sharing this as an image post, not a link to my etsy shop -- but if you happen to fall in love with these images, they're available for pretty cheap on my site as either stickers or magnets in B&W. In a few weeks I should have color versions too. Please note I'm going out of town until Friday so no orders will ship until then. shameless self-promotion

Really, i wanted to share because I'm really proud of how these images have improved and grown since I first drafted them. Back then each character had a solid paragraph of dialogue floating around it to help explain the ideas I was having. I'm much happier with what we've got here today, which is both much more concise and -- I happen to think -- cleverer. Plus more effective as a set of microcomics.

Meriadoc -- I think you'd get a kick out of these.

Thanks, y'all, for looking.


Absolutely love them, especially the "involuntary retirement" one.

posted by _refugee_: 192 days ago